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125th Street Business Improvement District

Interested in sponsoring the 125th Street Business Improvement District?

The work of the 125th Street Business Improvement District would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors who not only contribute to the economic prosperity of 125th Street but also make 125th Street a fantastic community full of culture and personality. The 125th Street BID thanks each and every one of our dedicated sponsors. Your generous contributions facilitate the economic and socio-cultural development of Harlem. Sponsors have contributed to our street pole banner program, Harlem Holiday Lights, and community programs that helps to enrich the Harlem Community. We welcome new participation throughout the year as both general sponsors and Harlem Holiday Lights sponsors. For more information please read more below.

Sponsorship Opportunities: General Sponsorship

Each year we offer numerous city sponsorship opportunities to Harlem individuals and businesses through events and other opportunities as they become available. We’re certain that Harlem hosts an event that will help you reach your business’s target audience and goals. Sponsorship makes our programs happen, and we can’t thank our sponsors enough for their unwavering support. When you participate in a sponsorship program through the BID, you receive brand recognition as well as the opportunity to display your support for the community. Plus, sponsorships help us continue funding projects to beautify our neighborhood. The 125th Street BID Banner Project is one of our flagship programs. While our Banner Program is a popular and fun way to promote your art or business, it’s an absolutely fantastic way to display your appreciation for Harlem culture. It also assists our initiative to revitalize the streets with vibrant colors. Simply submit a design via email, and the winning banners will hang from the city’s light poles along 125th Street. We encourage you to check back often for more sponsorship opportunities and programs. Through your collaboration with the BID and your financial contributions, we can make a difference in our neighborhood’s parks and facilities. We invite you to give back to the community and become a part of Harlem’s success with us! To further discuss city sponsorship opportunities for you and your business, contact the 125th Street BID at 212-662-8999. We’d love to talk about how we can best recognize your business and contribute to long-term vitality for Harlem. Please keep in mind that we give preference to BID members.

Sponsorship Opportunities: Harlem Holiday Lights

Sponsorship opportunities for the 125th Street BID's annual event, Harlem Holiday Lights, are available for individual activities and overarching sponsorship packages. As always, sponsors will have a presence on our website and social media, as well as in the community through advertising and promotion. The 125th Street BID welcomes sponsors for each of the 2020 Harlem Holiday Lights activities that will have their logo and business website displayed on the activity webpage. For more information about sponsoring the 125th Street BID's Harlem Holiday Lights, please contact Barbara Askins at bid125thst@aol.com or at 212-662-8999.

For more information about sponsoring the 125th Street BID, click here!

Check out these photos of Harlem Holiday Lights 2019!

Though Harlem Holiday Lights 2020 will be held virtually, we look back fondly on the memories from 2019 and look forward to the new adventures 2020 will bring.

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