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Staying Healthy/***CovidWatcher*** Become A Citizen Scientist
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CovidWatcher is a research, advocacy, and policy initiative developed by Columbia University in collaboration with NYC community partners.

CovidWatcher is mobilizing city residents from every neighborhood to fill out online anonymous surveys that ask, how is the pandemic affecting you and your family? The survey will ask you to answer questions about your health and exposure to COVID-19, social and emotional well-being, and concerns access to education, childcare, technology, internet, public benefits and social supports.

Tell us how you are doing and what you need. The goal of our project is to tell city leaders where to target resources, and develop better policies to ensure the health, safety, and economic vitality of New York City as we rebuild from the COVID-19 pandemic.

If we want government, businesses, philanthropy, community and advocacy groups to act strategically and make smart decisions, we have to tell them what we know. We must share what is and is not working for ourselves, our families and our communities.

Ready to take the survey? It only takes ten minutes. Click here to get started.

Watching out for Covid means watching out for each other

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Staying Healthy

***CovidWatcher*** Become A Citizen Scientist

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