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125th Street Business Improvement District

Minutes Annual Meeting 2019

Location: Apollo Theater
Present- BID BOARD and Staff: Athena Moore, Ross Jacobs, Mark Irgang, Maria Nieves, Victoria Mason-Ailey, Nina Saxon, David Gmach, Jim Simmons, LeMel Lindsey, Dr. Joseph Tait, Leah Abraham, Jonelle Procope, Vedelyn Davis, Jacqueline Bell, Cicely Harris, Nilsa Orama, Chante Jordan, Deborah Gillard, Ester Fuchs, Ken Miles Barbara Askins, Anttony Baker, Isabel Gomez, Patricia Crooks,
Present Elected Officials: State Senator Bryan Benjamin, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, Assemblyman Al Taylor,
Present Members and General Public: Owen Rogers, Jaime Chavez, Suzane Hurley, Richard kaplan, Branda Hicks, Yvone Stafford, Kim Smith, Daniel Murphy, Kurtis Crutchfield, Aissatou Bey-Grecia, Carey King, Caroline Bragdon, Christian Damiba, Deputy Inspector Christopher McIntosh, Curtis Archer, Daryl T. Downing, David Gmach, Deborah Yates, Eugenia Foxworth, Gina Rmcharan, Jennifer Prince, Jheri Hardaway, Lisa Downing, Madelyn Stokely, Malcolm Barksdale, Joel Cobrera, Miguel Adamas, Noreen Dean Dresser, Pat Stevenson, Regina Smith, Renee Billy, Ryan Dubois, Shatic Mitchell, Syderia Asberry, Thelma Russell, Wilma Brown, Jim Tumin, Steven Sterneck, Katrina Parris, Paulie Ferrante, Barbara Barber, Alice La-Brie, Pam Burns, Iqwe Harvey, Jason Pennington, Jessica Hedrington, Kate Kang, Sharron Crevelle, Lloyd Doama, Syderia Chresfield, Shawn Hill, Valerie Price, Noreen Dean Dresso, Angela Ridenour, Pablo Figueroa, E. Martin, Henry Ehrhardt, Evelyn Grant, Franklin Goodride, Hazel Dukes, Jason Heather, Janette Beach, Ila Gupta, Mamadou Niang, Winston Maynard, Ronald Novita, Samantha Greene, Jachele Walker, Charles Johnson, Carolyn Brown, Dina Foster Osbourne, Florence Middleton, Karen Gastiaburo, Leah Daly, Leanne Stella, Patricia Ealey, Patricia Culligan, Robyn Massey, Rose Seabrook, Shiela from Cogswell Realty, Valerie Price
Business Session: Approval of 2018 Minutes Mukaram called for motioned for the 2018 Minutes to be accepted. Ross Jacobs 1st and Nina Saxon 2nd. The minutes were approved unanimously approved.
Business Session: Approval of Budget. Mark Irgang, Treasurer presented the budget. The BID is not seeking an increase in assessment. BID was awarded a contract to provide Street Cleaning Services for the Manhattanville Streetscape Project. Total Revenue - $1,486,552. total Program Expenses - $819,635. Total General and Administrative Expenses: $1,4763,635. Net Operating Surplus - $22,,917
Business Session: Election of New Board Members Jonelle Procope gave voting instructions and advised that all property owners, commercial tenants, or residents located within the BID boundaries should complete their ballots and put it in one of the voting boxes. Slate presented: Nomination for re-election for 3 year term -- Class A: Jonelle Procope, Apollo Theater, Dr. Joseph L. Tait, Harlem Commonwealth Council, Alan and Joseph Jemal, Jemal Realty Nomination for 3 year term -- Class A: Jason Pizer, Enterprise Assets, Dr. Steven Mendelsohn and Chante Jordan, Zwanger Pesiri, Ms. Collette Commodore, United House of Prayer Nomination for 3 years -- Class B -- Courtney James, Olive Garden, Dr. Ayman El-Mohandes and Adam Doyno -- CUNY School of Public Health Nomination for 3 Years -- Class E -- Patricia Culligan and Ester Fuchs -- Columbia University
Keynote Speaker: Comptroller Scott M. Stringer Rose Pierre Louis introduced Comptroller Stringer. Key points from the keynote speech includes: • 125th Street is one of the most vital BIDs in the city. • All of the development coming to 125th Street is impressive. • Stringer acknowledged the resurgence of business activity on 125th Streeting citing the home of the Apollo Theater, Studio Museum, Magic Johnson Theater, and Redevelopment of the Victoria Theater that will house the Mariott Hotel, art spaces, classical art offices with performance space and offices for Apollo Theater. He continued and recognized the coming of the Urban League Center with a Civil Rights Museum. • All that is happening in this district embodies the resiliency of the Harlem neighborhood. A whole lot of folks thought we would never make it. The reason Harlem came back is because the people of Harlem hunkered down to say we are not going to leave, we are going to build through the lens of historic 125th Street. We are going to create the economic opportunities for everyone that comes here …… and that is why we must support this BID. • There is a need for city government to be more strategic and do what we can to keep affordable housing. There should be a strategy for what we want on our corridors. We must convince this city that we need to help our small businesses and seek ways to build an economy that does not use businesses as the guinea pig. • Vacancy rates: We are getting blocks and blocks of vacant storefronts. We need to double down and look at our vacancies. People are now engaging in online ordering everyday. So less people are in retail stores. We need to take a closer look at the changes that comes with online shopping. But there is new growth -- Whats coming our way is more restaurants and different types of service products. In closing, he said, we need tangible results from this city to make sure business are open. We have an opportunity to take advantage of the structure of the BIDS and work together to come up with a pipeline that moves small businesses and create wealth for all of our businesses.

Quality of Life Panel Discussion Modertor: Rose Pierre Louis, Former Manhattan Borough President

Quality of Life Champions State Senator Brian Benjamin Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer Deputy Inspector Christopher McIntosh, NYPD - 28th Precinct Henry Ehrhardt, Director, Bureau of Community Affairs, NYCDOS Shawn Hill, Co-Founder, Greater Harlem Coalition Cicely Harris, Nilsa Orama, Barry Weinberg -- Chairs -- Manhattan Community Board 9, 10, 11
Quality of Life Harlem's businesses, community residents, and elected officials have been crying out for many years that the the community has become over saturated with a large concentration of social and health services. But the numbers continue to grow and the negative impact of the operations are becoming unbearable. The amount of garbage on the streets, the removal of corner baskets, and the reduced number of garbage pick-ups are leading many to call for more support from NYC Department of Sanitation. The BID is providing its annual meeting as a place to have discussion on these most important issues.
Election of New Members and Quality of Life Discussion



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